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Angel Paper Doll
made from a toilet paper tube.

You can get free patterns and tutorials.
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  Making of a Gagome kelp skin care lotion.

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Hi everyone!

Primary subtitle language of Zannalee's movies is japanese.
I make short movies english version after uploading japanese version movies.

If you are a registrant of Zannalee's channel on youtube, subscription services would send emails to you even it's uploaded japanese subtitled movie and the title would be garbled to read.
Please give me a few days to upload english subtitled movies.

And my native language is not english, if you find any wrong word or sentence, please correct my mistakes in your comment or email.

Thank you !

Description of movie titles

[Z's file 12-jp]
Zannalee's 12th movie file
japanese subtitle.

[Z's file 12-eng]
Zannalee's 12th movie file
english subtitle.

Difference language makes difference length of movies even if they are same contents.
On youtube, thumbnail depends on the videos length.
Difference length makes difference thumbnails.

I hope you find it informative.

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